Despite all the benefits a blog brings to your business, the task of writing regular blog posts can be daunting. And when your well of ideas runs dry, the progress toward completing that much-needed task comes to a dead halt.

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Sure, you could let you blog go stale, but you’d be missing out on the critical role your blog plays in your business. Regular readership may decrease the more often they find nothing new. And bigger than that–your website will have more difficulty rising to the top on Google searches, making it harder for customers in need of the services you offer to find you. Leads become a thing of the past, and suddenly referrals have to bear a bigger burden to keep you on a successful path.

The good news is coming up with content doesn’t have to be so hard! If you’re familiar with the selfie–pictures people take of themselves and post online–you have a bevy of blog ideas sitting at the ready.

Consider the Selfie for Blog Content Ideas

With your feet already wet, it’s time to dive in deeper with content marketing. Whether you have online marketing strategies in place or are in the process of developing their plans of action, there are some important tips to remember about blog content that can all be summed up with the selfie. That’s because in a way, blog content and selfies have a lot in common. Both should be:

A reflection of you (i.e, your brand):

When you post a selfie, you show the world what you look like at a certain moment in time. The content you create should achieve the same. Look for ways to tell your brand’s story in a way that captures who you are and what you’re about in real time. Examples include:

taking selfie pictures to highlight the company or employees allows realistic side to be shared | Three65 Marketing services provided for restoration and construction companies

  • Charity work you and your employees are doing as a business team.
  • Current customer projects that feel relevant to the season, a recent storm, or a community in need.
  • Environmentally friendly practices used or being considered.
  • Employee achievements both on and off the job.
Something To Share:

While some selfies are never shared, most exist for the entertainment of others. Your blog content should do the same. Like a person’s face in a selfie, your business will be the highlight of the blog post, but it shouldn’t be self-serving. Too much “me-me,” and there’s no reason to share it with others. While the content can (and should) promote you, the goal is to ultimately provide information that’s engaging, educating, and entertaining to the reader. Think about quality first, promotion second. With each piece of content you create ask yourself:

  • Why will the reader care?
  • How does this information help the reader’s life?
  • What value am I providing with this content?
  • What will make readers want to share it with others?
  • How is this content relevant to what’s happening in the community/industry/world today?
  • Does this post sound like a sales pitch? (If so, tweak it to remove the promotion and add value to the reader.)
Catches the Eye:

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, which is partly why selfies are both so popular and shareable. When you get stuck on what to write, let visuals lead the way.

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  • Look through before and after pictures from a recent client project. There are probably plenty of preventative and restoration tips you could provide to your reader, while at the same boosting SEO keywords related to your business.
  • Stock photos, while sometimes generic, can help dress up a page full of words, words, words. The eye needs white space and breaks–especially when reading online. Pictures can help, while at the same time help to catch the attention of readers.
  • Help customers feel more personally connected to your business by doing blog contents that share pictures of your employees’ faces, along with their stories. Profiles don’t have to be long, but can help to show the skills you offer, while also giving an outlet for employees to provide their own tips and beneficial information.

How do you come up with blog post ideas? Share with others in the comments!

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