Let start with a question: How do you market your business to your clients and/or your audience?

Be selective with social media platforms for your construction and restoration company | Three65 Marketing provides blogging, social media management, seo, website design services for construction and restoration companiesIf you’re like many people, you will say that you have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and every other newly added platform you can find. But are you making the most out of your busy schedule? Are you getting out the highest quality content and keeping up with all of the constantly evolving platforms? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy because the moment you figure out the algorithms used by Facebook or Instagram, they change it and you’re back at square one. 

Select one of the Social Media Platforms and ROCK IT!

Your time is valuable, so don’t spread your resources (payroll, budget, time, etc) too thin by trying to be present on all  platforms when it comes to having a social media presence. Instead, start with just one popular platform and become great at it. Build a solid presence, with consistent engagement and growing following. Once you have mastered one, then pick another platform and repeat the process.

Which ONE to Start?

Ok, so you’ve decided to simplify your online social media presence, but how do you decide which one to keep active? This may be a challenge for some, but most will find it easy. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at the insights for each account.

Audience: Do you know who you are trying to engage and on what platform you can find them best is a key starting point? Think insurance agents, business owners, facility managers, property managers, etc.

Engagement: Which platform do you post 4-5 times a week on. Do you have people commenting, liking, and sharing your content?

Analytics: Looking into the data of each network you currently post to can help you decide if your efforts are fruitful or a current waste of time.

Mastering Your Social Media

Facebook is a great starting place. They offer a lot of tools for reaching your target audience, increasing sales, securing active engagement, and refining your social media skills. They offer analytics to measure your progress, allowing you to easily make tweaks to the type of content you share.  A great advantage is being able to target ads or boost posts to reach more of the specific demographics that fit your restoration business. Finally, the number of active users on Facebook is very high and growing every day. People are checking in on their Facebook page first thing in the morning, around lunchtime, and right before bed.

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