Why Digital Marketing Matters in the Restoration and Construction Industry

Trying to handle all of your marketing services in-house can be overwhelming. Your restoration business is not just about residential and commercial property damage restoration – there’s also the everyday logistics involved in keeping your doors open: Handling finances, managing employees, providing customer service, stocking supplies, and more. 

Construction companies have many of the same concerns, combined with staying on top of finish design trends and changing regulations. With all of these essential tasks taking up your attention, it’s easy to let marketing your business take a backseat to what may seem like more urgent matters.

Truth be told, marketing does matter – especially when it comes to the  construction and restoration industries. When disaster suddenly strikes, customers in need want to find help quickly, so that they can easily bounce back from the chaos they experienced. 

When dealing with unexpected situations, restoration and finish construction services are sought out with urgency. Even when customers are taking their time to shop around for contractors to help with creative projects like updating a kitchen, remodeling a bathroom, or adding extra square footage, one of the first places they will turn for options is an online search. 

Are you where you need to be in order for these customers to find you? In addition to referrals and traditional advertising, Google searches can easily and efficiently drive potential customers to you – provided that you have the right digital marketing strategies in place. However, if you ignore these important elements of growing your business, you’ll miss out simply because your customers can’t find you when they need you. Fortunately, closing this gap is where Three65 can help you. 

Marketing Services to Help Construction and Restoration Companies Grow and Succeed

Through your partnership with Three65 Marketing, we will work with you to develop custom strategies, tactics, and ideas that connect you with the customers you want, and make you stand out above your competition. Our goal is to help restoration and construction clients achieve success tailored to their changing needs. 

We do so through our comprehensive scope of advanced and proven marketing services. Need help in one of these areas, or all five? We’re ready to work together and get you where you want to be. 

Website Design and Maintenance

Blogging and Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Management

Consulting and Branding