If there is one thing the restoration business teaches us, it is things can change in an instant. Fire and water can demolish a building or foundation in mere minutes. Hurricanes and tornadoes can rip the roof off a building in seconds.  The only thing constant in our industry is change.

Well, this also applies to the world of social media.  If you have followed the news over the last year, you know social media, especially Facebook, has been in the forefront of things.

On January 11th of this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was addressing these issues in a new algorithm update rolling out over the next couple of months.  Facebook is changing and changing for the better.

What Is Changing On Facebook

changes happening on facebook are affecting social media strategies for business pages in restoration and construction industry

These updates will provide users a more authentic, inspiring experience by pulling updates from friends and family over news reports, political ads, and business ads.

Instead of seeing the latest news reports or national political ad, you are more likely to look at your friend’s most recent vacation video or pictures from grandma’s 80th birthday party. I don’t think any of us see this change as a bad thing. News and politics can be depressing and exactly how many business ads do we need to look at before we start logging off Facebook completely?

While these changes may be useful personally, how does the algorithm update change the way restoration companies do business on social media? You maybe asking, if people see more postings from family and friends, what about my company postings? Where do they figure in all of this?

How This Affects Your Business

Gone are the days of easy, passive, organic traffic from Facebook.  Restoration companies are going to have to work a lot harder to get the reach, likes, and clicks they were getting before these updates.  In fact, restoration companies are more likely to see a drop in overall Facebook performance once these updates roll out over the next couple of months.

How Restoration Companies Need To Adjust Their Social Media Plans

Despite these changes, not all is lost for social media marketers.  There are ways restoration companies can adjust their plans. The new algorithm looks for organic shares and conversations; shares and discussions that occur without “click bait” like “Tag A Friend” or ones shared between family and friends.

The number one thing restoration companies need to focus on moving forward is building a community around your business focused on educating and creating a positive experience for your current and potential followers.

The Importance Of Video

use facebook live video is important to improve reach on business pages

If there is anything you take from this article, remember this, you MUST include video, mostly Facebook Live, in your marketing plans.  And you must have a schedule around your videos (Facebook Live and other videos you post). Social media in general loves schedules.

Being consistent is critical; do a Facebook Live video every day at noon, or once a week at 9 AM on Monday.

Videos that have the viewer coming back week after week will perform the best. Think of an educational series. Or episodic series that follows a story in your business. Maybe covering repairs and damage from a local weather event?

Do You Have A Facebook Group Page?

Another thing I want you to explore is creating a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups help build a community that the new algorithm prioritizes.  Make sure you Facebook Live and add videos to your group also.   You can learn more about Facebook Groups by checking out this article by Mashable. Or check out this step by step guide to setting up a Facebook Group.

What I Want You To Take Away From This Article

Facebook has changed. This change is not the end of social media marketing; it is forcing us marketers and business owners to think outside of the box.  There is not another great alternative to Facebook; they just have too much of a reach and too much data to be ignored, so we need to adjust.

Your marketing plans can no longer include passive advertising but must consist of a positive, interactive, educational community based on videos, paid ads, and educational and episodic story-lines.

I will leave you with this one quote:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Wayne Gretzky

You know where the social media puck is going to be, so go after it.

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