Word of mouth from family or a trusted friend used to be the way to find a company for service, business, or restaurant. But, as the saying goes, “times have changed,” and although people still ask for a personal recommendation when looking for who to service your furnace, where to get the best deal on a new appliance, or the most budget friendly roof replacement company in town, more people are turning to the internet.

tips for handling negative online social media reviews | Three65 Marketing Restoration and Construction Company Marketing services Madison WI

The internet is the new “word of mouth” recommendation. It’s taking a recommendation to the next level by allowing anyone to provide a business review for all to see. Social Media platforms now make this very easy for the average person to find a company page, select review, rate their experience, and leave their comment. Every company ideally wants nothing but 5-star reviews with positive comments on their page. It easy for your company to like and respond to positive feedback because it makes your image, company look good and more people then want to use your company.

Responding to Negative Reviews

The reality, however, is that you will inevitably have to deal with negative reviews. The better your business is, the higher the company chances are of not always receiving 5 stars.  When a customer leaves a less than perfect rating or comments, how you decide to handle the company’s response is key to helping or hurting the sales and reputation of the business.

  • Respond:

    Failing to acknowledge their comments is a huge missed opportunity and may result in lost business. Even worse is to delete the comment or review entirely.

  • Acknowledge the customer review:

    Very simple but something we often forget, is to acknowledge their concerns or issues. Do not tell them or the entire internet that something “just didn’t happen”. Because in the end, the customer is always right (even if they are wrong) when they write their review.

  • Apologize and Make It Right:

    An apology goes a long way these days. It can help smooth out a misunderstanding or help soften the anger when service does not live up to customer expectations. Admitting that their experience was not up to your company standard and share ways that you will work to improve their situation or for future opportunities. Customers who read company reviews in an attempt to decide if they should go with you or not will look for that yes, a mistake was made BUT your willingness to make it right will be what they remember and are more likely do business with you.

  • Timeliness:

    Provide a timely response to all customer reviews | Three65 Marketing social media tips madison wisconsin

    The quicker a response the better. Everything is time stamped in the internet world, and people may easily make assumptions based on how long you take to respond. In a perfect world, responding within minutes to a few hours is best. 

For any review (positive or negative), it is important to respond to their comments. Your customers and clients will be watching for how you handle negative reviews. Keep them short, concise, and to the point will help boost your online presence and grow your customer base and hopefully your revenue too!

Social Media Management

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing algorithms, what content to share, or just finding the time to sit down and post to the social media business pages to help your construction or restoration company grow? It may be time to talk with us about the benefits of social media management.

At Three65 Marketing, our experts are here to help restore order to the social media chaos by managing all the online channels that are right for marketing your business. Through appealing content, regular updates, and customer interaction, we can draw upon social media platforms to boost your business visibility and engage new and existing customers.