Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see online conversations filled with hashtags. What once was known as pound signs, hash marks, or Tic-Tac-Toe boards, today is the symbol that causes topics to go viral or trend with social audiences.


Hashtags aren’t just a thing the kids are doing these days. Instead with a single keystroke, hashtags are helping to build brands, connect people, and bring awareness to all kinds of topics–serious or humorous.

More specifically, hashtags can help to categorize content, making it more easily searchable as well as helpful to social media users regarding what current events are being discussed. Think of it as a crib sheet someone gives you before walking into a crowded room to know which conversation you’d like to join.

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Ready to start using hashtags to work toward your social media and small business advantage? Here are some dos and don’ts to help you hashtag like an online pro.


  • Search what’s trending: Hashtags are only helpful if they are popular. If you have a small following on social media, the likelihood of your self-created hashtag going viral is small. Instead, explore hashtags that are trending. Twitter lists and updated current trends in hashtags. There are also a variety of websites that can help you look up the most popular hashtags at that time.
  • Complement your content: Now that you have popular hashtags, it’s time to put them to use. Narrow down the search results to those that are relevant to your social media post. Then it’s as simple as copying and pasting those hashtags.
  • Pile them up: Group your hashtags at the end of your post, which helps to make for better readability.
  • Use them early and often: Posts with two or more hashtags can boost engagement by as much as 21 percent on Twitter. And they can help on other social media sites. Want to get more life out of one post? Add hashtags as comments to your own posts after the post has been published a while. It’s not a surefire way, but it can help to give your old post a second chance.


  • Be irrelevant: A hashtag may be trending, but that doesn’t mean you should add it to your content if there isn’t some sort of connection. Doing so can lead to mistrust from your audience, which is the opposite of gaining followers.
  • Overdo it: If the number of hashtags used are longer in length than the content created, then you probably have too many. Less is more, so simplify your post and keep the best hashtags to complement your content.
  • Misspell: It won’t matter if a hashtag is trending if you spell it incorrectly. Doing so means it won’t be searchable.
  • Ignore your audience: One purpose of using hashtags is to engage your audience. Be sure to monitor your posts and interact with people who are commenting, liking, and following you. It will help to bolster your brand and build your online following.

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