Content Marketing: Boost Leads with Better Website Words

“If you build it, they will come,” may be true for cornfield baseball fields, but not so much with websites. You already know the internet cup runneth over when it comes to information, which makes it easy for your business to get lost in the crowd. Your site needs to stand out so that it comes up high in search results and attracts customers who would’ve never otherwise found you.

Bringing customers to your site doesn’t have to be hard, and it starts with content marketing. Not really sure what that is? Sit back and kick your feet up…we’ve got your content marketing know-how covered!

What Is Content Marketing?Content marketing makes your company website work better | Three65 Marketing provides marketing services for construction and restoration companies

It all starts with content–or the “stuff” that makes up your website: blog posts, your bio, service descriptions, videos, and so on. With content marketing, the idea is to fill your site with information that is useful to your customer while at the same time promoting your services.

For example, let’s say your restoration business specializes in fire damage remediation. One content marketing strategy would be to offer free video tutorials showing how to successfully remove smoke smells from fabrics. By doing so, you give potential customers a reason to come to your site, even when they’re primary goals for Google searching “how to remove smoke odors” had nothing to do with seeking out fire damage restoration services.

Do you make money on these video tutorials? Not directly. However, if you keep offering new tutorials on a regular basis, more potential readers are likely to find their way to you, and when they need your services, your site will be a natural go-to. Voila, sales!

Behind the Scenes of Content Marketing

Great website content helps boost SEO rankings that increase business online traffic | Three65 Marketing provides marketing solutions for restoration and construction companies

Offering content can feel like an inefficient way to bring in business and increase sales, but it’s all based on the inner workings of the web. Search engines, particularly Google, are where users begin when they want to navigate the internet. By typing in a few words, the search engine accesses an algorithm made up of rules, ratings, and procedures to deliver the the web pages that best match the criteria requested. What’s on your site, how often it’s updated, and keywords used all factor into where your site will land in a search.

If we go back to the fire restoration example, simply having the words “smoke odor” somewhere on your site is not enough to bring in high search results. There are probably hundreds of websites with similar keywords. With just one mention, your site will be buried. As it pertains to marketing, your goal is to create lots of content with keywords that can capitalize on the searches that could lead potential customers to you site.

Content Marketing Examples

Marketing your business can feel overwhelming, especially when it’s not a task you feel is your strength. Still, it’s an necessary evil unless you’re able to rely on referrals alone. So even if you don’t feel your marketing game is strong, you can put your strengths to use to help you create content. If words come easy to you, write blog posts filled with SEO keywords. If you’re better behind the lens of a camera, use pictures or videos to create your content. You’ll want variety, so make a list of all options most appealing to you. Here’s a quick list of content formats:

    • blog posts
    • demos/how-to
    • lists
    • podcasts
    • articles
    • webinars
    • case studies
    • social media
    • reviews
    • games
    • video

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