Jocelyn Dornfeld – Owner, Visionary & Creator

As the owner of Three65 Marketing, Jocelyn Dornfeld has built a home for herself in the industry. Prior to constructing her business, she laid the foundation by managing restoration and construction companies for more than a decade. When she ventured out to create a space for herself, Jocelyn was drawn to helping restoration and construction businesses build up their online presence as she saw repeated opportunities for increased success through improved websitesSEO rankingsblog use, and social media management.

Jocelyn enjoys staying active in the restoration and construction industry. She had a hand in developing the Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA)  Young Professional Restorers’ Committee (YPRC) , where she co-chaired and lead a group of restoration professionals in leadership, management, and supporting roles for restoration companies all over the world. Jocelyn also teaches seminars, classes, and presents regularly at restoration industry conferences and events.

But possibly the restoration work of which Jocelyn is most proud has little to do with residential or commercial buildings directly. It’s a campaign called Restoring Kindness® , which was started by Jocelyn in tandem with A&J Property Restoration DKI as a movement designed to give back to the local community. The concept is simple, do something kind for a stranger and expect nothing in return. Starting at a local level, Jocelyn has grown this branded campaign (#restoringkindness) nationally to allow other restoration companies to unite their own individual communities under the Restoring Kindness name and mission.

Matt Jacoby – COO

Matt is a drummer of 24 years and the co-founder of a music startup in Madison called Eleven. He has an extensive record of working with clients as both a freelancer and at various agencies and organizations spanning two decades. Before starting Eleven, Matt worked as an inbound marketing manager for a niche consultancy. Matt believes that a strong relationship, trust and communication are key to happy customers and successful projects. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems from Herzing University, is a Certified Ecommerce Marketing Specialist, Certified Inbound Specialist and Certified HubSpot Specialist.

In March 2018, he launched a podcast called “Behind the Backline” that features stories and highlights brands and professionals in the music instrument, professional audio, professional lighting, event technology, and music retail industries. As of January 2019, he has interviewed 30 companies ranging in sizes from startups to the company that supplies the stage gear for shows as big as the Grammys and Jimmy Kimmel.

Kira Kirk – Project Manager

Midwest girl at heart who enjoys some awesome barbecue. Kira enjoys interacting with clients and managing their accounts. She loves all aspects of marketing and likes to create lasting client relationships. She loves to spend her free time with her two kids and husband and loves to play tennis. She is an avid runner who has run a few marathons and is always looking for the next challenge.

Allison Vallerga – Content Marketing Strategist

Allison Vallerga has over ten years of marketing experience, from zero budget nonprofit fundraisers to managing large multi-channel programs in heavily regulated industries. With a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies and content creation experience in the healthcare, financial services, legal, construction, and industrial safety industries, she is uniquely positioned to research and understand the problems that both our clients and their customers face.

In addition to her marketing work, Allison owns single family and multifamily housing in three states. She has personally dealt with emergency damage restoration situations, complex insurance claims, and numerous renovation projects.

While creating your digital marketing plan, she is committed to aligning with and supporting your company’s daily activities. Together, we can do more of what works, less of what doesn’t work, and get a great return on your investment.

Angela Freeman – Social Media Manager

Angela Freeman comes to Three65 Marketing with a background in classical music, music therapy, and activity coordinating for assisting living and memory care centers. She began to expand her creativity by being a lead sales consultant for Jamberry Nails as well as Abby + Anna Boutique. In 2015, she began Angel Strings Music Services, which brings interactive music sessions to people of all ages. She strives to bring a creative and fun approach to her writing.  One aspect of social media management that Angela enjoys best is using her planning and coordinating experience to conceive new ideas that provide engaging and unique content.

Angela is also highly active with the Restoring Kindness and United Madison movements. United Madison is a non-profit working on a strategic way to encourage businesses to enable their employees to provide hands on support with people of need in our community. Angela is reaching those in our community with messages on unity, hope, basic foundational life success tips–such as work ethic, attitude and respect.

Mary Rodriguez – Digital Advertising & Analytics Specialist

Mary is a digital nomad hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan and traveling full-time via sailboat. She has over 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience with an emphasis in Advertising and Analytics. Developing a strong web strategy is always her goal and takes pride in getting clients to their revenue goals. She is an asset to any team and stays up to date with multiple Digital Marketing certificates on an annual basis.

Amberly Steele – SEO & CRO Manager

Amberly has been a marketing professional in one form or another since 2002. She completed a marketing internship while working towards her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida. Upon graduation, she worked in event planning for a marketing agency while attending grad school at Troy University. After graduate school, she began her path to marketing in healthcare.  After twelve years of healthcare, she decided to switch it up a bit and went to work for a Law Firm where she began specializing in SEO. In summer of 2018, she switched to marketing agency life. Since then, she has enjoyed working for an organization that promotes growth, has a team mentality and has co-workers who love to laugh as much as she does!

Emily Osborn – Content Writer

Winner of an Imagination Award, a Dr. Toy Award, and several Parents Choice Awards, Emily is a professional writer and editor with extensive experience creating content for all ages. She specializes in kids DIY, YA fiction, non-fiction, and informational content—blogs, vlogs, and step-by-steps. She believes that compelling copy and impactful messaging can draw in new clients, provide passion and purpose, and keep them brand-loyal.

Before joining Three65, Emily was an Editor/Writer at American Girl, Social Media Director at the National Education Foundation, Senior Editor/Writer at Hallmark Cards, and Director of Content and Social Media at Coral Collective. She has written and edited over two hundred books. She has also written and produced movies, social media videos, and technology-based products, including voice interaction experiences and speech recognition. To learn more about Emily, visit her website at

Kelly Gerlach – Content Writer

Kelly is a Ravenclaw, an avid gamer, believer of fairy-tales and superheroes, and a freelance content marketer. With 10+ years of experience in content creation, website editing, and SEO, Kelly gets it… and brings that knowledge to every piece she writes, regardless of the industry.

Jeff Hegeman – Website Development and Systems

Since Jeff was a child, he tinkered with just about everything. Whether it was woodworking with grandpa, fixing lawnmowers for neighbors, or maintaining the projector at the movie theater; it was clear he was hooked on fixing and improving things. He has always enjoyed pushing things until they break, then figuring out how to fix and prevent that breakage. Jeff’s curiosity and drive to improve upon everything lives on in his career as a web professional. In an industry where technologies and client needs routinely change, Jeff has been tirelessly staying on top of both. With a wealth of expertise in designing and developing solutions, he keeps the behind the scenes items running and moving forward.

Jeff’s career carries into his hobbies. He enjoys meddling with single-board computers and Linux servers to see what he can build. He also enjoys cooking; grilling, smoking, and even baking. In terms of home cooks, he was an early adopter of the sous vide method of cooking.

Whatever he is doing, you probably won’t see Jeff sitting idle. He is usually doing something while heavily caffeinated by his dangerous affinity for coffee.

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