Owning a business the restoration industry has many rewards, including helping critical businesses and distressed homeowners navigate through some of the most difficult times they will ever experience. This industry also has its share of challenges, one of which is ensuring that you consistently have the right amount of leads, bids, and jobs. 

Hoping for a flood to force your phone to ring is typically not enough: In 2019, a thoughtful and dynamic marketing plan for your construction or restoration company is essential. Whether you are totally new to marketing or are an industry leader, here are eight affordable and easy marketing ideas that nearly every restoration contractor can use. 


1. Make Your Own Instructional Videos

Video content is a great way to explain a complicated process or situation in a simple way. It’s engaging and shareable, and is no longer expensive to produce, thanks to the advanced cameras we now all carry in our pockets. It is now very easy to shoot some video, find an app that you like for editing, and start sharing. Not sure what topics to cover? Start by answering your most common client questions, and remember that videos with an instructional or “how-to” element tend to be popular. Here are some great examples of video content from our friends at A&J Property Restoration. 


2. Reuse and Recycle Your Existing Content

Do you have popular blog posts that would make great topics for a video? A collection of related blog posts, articles, and other information that could be combined into a valuable larger resource? Print materials that have never made it onto your website or vice versa? Use what you already have in new ways to help educate and attract potential clients. 


3. Host a Seminar, Workshop or Other Event

Whether you want to address other restoration industry partners (insurance agents, realtors, property managers, other contractors and trade professionals) or the general public, sharing your expertise is tremendously valuable to others (and doesn’t cost you much). Our clients have successfully hosted seminars and demonstrations on topics ranging from bedbug strategies to flood damage mitigation techniques. It’s a great way to build partnerships, and learn how you can make your existing referral relationships even stronger. 


4. Ask Your Customers For Ideas

Still struggling with ideas for content or other parts of your marketing plan? The best source of inspiration is your customers. Try a survey or other poll in order to understand what they need and value the most. Searching on Facebook, Twitter, and industry forums are also great ways to do informal research. 


5. Share Your Expertise Via Guest Blogging

Now that you have lots of sources for new content, it’s time to share it. Do you have a local industry partner who would welcome your content on their site?  Guest blogging (for example on the site of a local insurance agent or realtor) is an excellent, affordable SEO method that helps you get high-quality links and traffic. Sharing quality content will get you targeted exposure in return. 


6. Keep in Touch

Are you communicating with your past customers and referral sources? What about past bids who never actually hired you? Both contemporary (email marketing) and traditional (mailings, phone calls) methods are excellent for staying in touch with your customers, referral sources, and potential leads. In addition, do you have a customer referral program? What about a referral program for other contractors and trades? Does anyone know about your referral programs? Could they use a reminder? 


7. Volunteer

From industry-specific charities like Restoring Kindness and Habitat for Humanity to whatever your personal passion may be, there are many opportunities to make your community a better place that may also lead to increased awareness of your services.


8. Manage Your Online Reputation

In the restoration industry, one factor that has a big impact on your search engine performance is online reviews. Google uses reviews from Google reviews, Yelp, BBB, and Angie’s List as a part of determining where to rank your site. Are you monitoring your online reviews? Are you asking your customers for testimonials and to review you, and are making the process as easy as possible for them? 


Getting your business to the next level can be tough, but fortunately it is a test that you can pass – with the right plan in place. If you love these ideas but just don’t have the time or skills to execute them, we are here to help. With over a decade of construction and restoration marketing and management experience, Three65 Marketing is the premier industry agency. Contact us today to learn more about how a partnership can benefit you.