How to write a headline to attract readers and customers to your restoration and construction company

What’s so great about Headlines? Well…everything!

You can write the best restoration or construction blog post in the world, but if nobody reads it, what’s the point? There are a host of reasons why a person is drawn to click on one article versus another. However, one of the biggest factors at play may be the lack of catchy headlines. If you can’t grab the attention or interest of potential readers, they’ll take their clicks elsewhere.

Do not clickbait when writing blogs or content articles for your website

That Doesn’t Mean Clickbait

Yes, a good headline can help bring readers to your blog, but that doesn’t mean you should go the route of clickbait–web content with the sole focus of driving online advertising revenue. The more users click, the more money the site creator pockets. The headlines (and associated images) for these types of articles typically provide just enough info to make readers curious. With interest piqued, you click to find out more. Yet the information provided is typically a bit of a let down, filled more with sensationalist info and less news and useful content.

Headline Writing Made Easy

Even if you’re not a writer by profession (or by heart), you can still make your blog posts more attractive to readers without having to reinvent the proverbial wheel. If you think about magazines, newspapers, and online blogs you follow, the headlines they create aren’t all that different. Why? Because writers stick to what works. And what works hasn’t really changed much over the past decades of publishing.

Sure, words and phrases change just as trends do, but the basic formatting for headlines is still the same. So next time writer’s block has you stuck on what to title your recent blog post, use the following tips as headline templates for successful shortcuts to help bring more readers to your blog.

  1. Get in their heads: Show the risks a reader takes if he or she doesn’t read your article. Examples:
    • “8 Ways Your Home Could Be Making You Sick”
    • “The Shocking Truth about How Bathroom Mold Affects Health”
  2. Be the expert: Demonstrate to readers that you are an authority/expert by pointing out the mistakes they are likely making on specific topics. Examples:
    • “7 Mistakes You’re Making when Hiring a Contractor”
    • “Could These Landscaping Missteps Cause Your Basement to Flood?”
  3. Bring them peace: To snag readers looking to take the chaos out of their lives, frame headlines to focus on simplifying. Examples:
    • “Winter Cleaning Tips to Prevent Ice Dams”
    • “Skip the House Fire with These Preventive Measures”
  4. Be current: Make your content relatable and relevant by linking it to things being talked about in the media. Examples:
    • “Home Improvements to Get Top Dollar in This Seller’s Market”
    • “Home Money-Saving Tips in This Sluggish Economy”
  5. List it: It might be the oldest trick in the book, but a numbered list can be a fool-proof approach for giving readers hope that within your options, they’ll find the one that is right for them. Examples:
    • “9 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient”
    • “5 Spring Cleaning Shortcuts for Your Home”


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