Email has been part of our daily lives since the 90’s when companies like AOL and Hotmail started, opening up  . Email marketing is an important and simple way to reach clients. Many companies however use it infrequently or poorly.

Why Add Emails to Your Digital Marketing Plan  

add email marketing to your digital marketing plan | Three65 Marketing provides blogging, content writing, seo, social media management, website design and maintenance services for construction and restoration companies

1. Improved Reach & Visibility:

People check their email more than they browse the Internet of check pages such as Facebook, particularly on Facebook. Being able to reach a larger group of clients at one time helps get your message out to the masses. Improve your chance of being seen and read by clients and agents when you send them personalized updates on services, important weather announcements, company announcements, or training opportunities. 

2. Customized Email List:

Another great component of increasing your visibility is deciding who you send each email to. Customizing the lists allows for a specifically targeted reach with every email sent. 

3. Increase Engagement & Be Interactive:

With attention spans getting shorter and schedules getting busier, you need something quick and eye catching to get their attention. Accomplish this with a catchy subject line, videos, interactive links, and photos. Personalized emails increase the chances of it being opened, read, and links clicked on. Thus, accomplishing your mission of a higher response rate.  

4. Analytics:

We all want to know if what we are putting our hard-earned money towards is really paying off. Using email marketing companies like Mailchimp or Constant Contact allow you to have data to tailor your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to conduct A/B testing and have statistics on the percentage of opened emails (as well as links clicked, and actions taken). Resend emails that aren’t opened the first time that are specifically targeted to each recipient.

5. Remain Competitive:

In today’s digital world, your company is at a disadvantage by not participating in email marketing. The ability to specifically reach individuals directly, rather than a general population (as you would with a newspaper or magazine ad) gives you incredible power and ability to draw someone to your business. People are drawn to personal stories and intimate interactions. People trust those who open themselves up more and show what goes on behind the scenes. Pulling back of the curtain allows people to decide to hire your services based not solely on the work alone. It provides a feeling of trust they get from seeing the operation from the inside.

Maintaining Your Email Marketing Campaign

It does take a careful hand to maintain an email marketing campaign. It’s easy to look to like spam, ignored and deleted. When done with care and nuance, it’s like receiving a letter from a friend, allowing current and prospective clients to learn more. And it’s not just seeing your email, it’s getting them to interact with your email that is the key. The more they look and click on links and videos, the more they soak in your story and services. It can truly be one of the quickest ways to gain a customer for life. 

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