You likely already know how your business blog can be a big boost for your bottom line. It helps your company move up the ranks in Google searches, feeds your social media strategy, and provides you with leads to turn prospective buyers into paying clients. These are all great things!

Not seeing these kind of results with your blog? Don’t stop posting and close up the blogging shop just yet! With a few tweaks, you can cure some of the common blogging mistakes many businesses make with their online content. The result will be a marketing approach that actually works for you instead of you slaving away for it.


Blogging Mistake 1: You Don’t Have a Blog

This might be obvious, but without a blog on your site, you can’t take advantage of the benefits. Unless you can successfully run your business based solely on referrals, then your business website needs a blog to help get you in front of more potential customers, which equals more potential sales.

Blogging Quick Fix: Start a Blog. Don’t know how? Don’t have time? Three65 Marketing can help! Check out our Blogging Packages to begin.


Blogging Mistake 2: You’re Not Posting Enough

While there is such as thing as posting too much, more than likely you’re struggling to add new content often enough. Ideally, you should aim to post at least once a week. Post blog content too randomly, and readers won’t come to rely on your site for information. Also, Google won’t be able to crawl your web pages picking up the keywords and terms that help to get your site in front of potential customers.

blogging quick fix make a blog schedule and stick with it

Blogging Quick Fix: Make a Schedule. Just as you pencil client work into your calendar, do the same with your blog posts. Use the time of year to prompt topics of importance. For example, if you own a restoration company, think about the types of hazards that homeowners might deal with during each season and create content accordingly. Also schedule time on your calendar to to create the content, just as you would meetings with prospective clients and vendors. Setting this time aside will help to ensure you get the marketing work done.


Blogging Mistake 3: Your Content Is Too Me-Me-Me

Your website should include a Services section, outlining the valuable work you can provide to potential customers. But when it comes to your blog content, make sure your content is not too self-promoting, which can be a turnoff to readers.

Blogging Quick Fix: Educate, Entertain, and Engage. Think about what will be beneficial to your reader, and write about that. The idea is to frame the blog content in such a way that the reader doesn’t feel as though he or she is being sold something, but instead is informed on how to avoid or respond to a potential problem all on their own. This kind of content builds your credibility while at the same time creates a level of trust between you and a potential client before ever meeting one-on-one.


Blogging Mistake 4: You’re Short on Keywords

As previously mentioned, Google crawls through your web pages looking for keywords, phrases, terms, and locations that match with search terms users seek. If you’re writing a blog post about “hail damage,” for example, you want to try to work in this phrase early and often throughout your content so that Google picks it up and thus you get a bump up in the “hail damage” search results. That said, you don’t want to go overboard. Readers know when content is being written for the Google spiders, which feels disingenuous.

Find button keywords to improve your blogging mistakes

Blogging Quick Fix: Bulk Up Your Content. When you’ve completed the first draft of a blog post, run a “Find” on your content, typing in the keyword you hope to highlight. If you’ve only used the term once or twice, look for other ways you can work it in without it sounding forced. You can also conduct keyword searches to see what related phrase to use. For example, if “hail damage” is your topic, other keyword suggestions include: “hail damage roof,” “hail damage car” “hail damage repair” and so on.  


Blogging and Content Writing

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A blog offers ample opportunities to share information and knowledge with new and existing customers, populate your social media accounts, and double as advertisements. More importantly, blogging and content writing can help to increase website traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

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